The Expensive Haircut

Earlier this year, I decided to treat mom to a nice haircut. She had not had a proper haircut for several months, and was self-colouring her white hair not very successfully.

Anyway, we went to a pretty posh salon and I checked the price, then told the staff she was only there for a cut and colour and nothing extra, and left her there while I ran errands. Unfortunately, when it was time to pay, I discovered they had topped up an extra $30 for a “special treatment”. The stylist looked rather nervous when I asked mom if she had agreed to it, but nevermind.

Now the whole bill was $196, and mom tried to pay for it with the $150 she had in her purse. I think this is one indication of the loss of money sense.

On the way home, mom chatted excitedly about the stylist, where he’s from, how many children he has and how she advised him how to live his life.

That evening, my brother visited and we all admired mom’s new hairstyle. It was extremely expensive, she told him. How much was it? we asked. She thought for a while, and said “Forty dollars!”


4 thoughts on “The Expensive Haircut”

  1. Yes, it really was rather more stressful when mom was living on her own, and there were a couple of poor judgements. Fortunately, now she doesn’t mind when we take over. She gets a little pocket money to spend as she likes, and those are happy occasions.


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