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It rained heavily this morning.

Mom said, Good morning, it’s raining. So, no need to go, huh?

I said, Yes, it’s raining. Still must go!

We were talking about her dementia day care centre. I wonder why she thought it would be cancelled if it were raining.

Did she use to skip school when it rained?

Did she feel like staying indoors and watching the rain?

Maybe she didn’t realise it would not rain the car, and we could use an umbrella for the short walk from car to centre.

In any case, she was happy to be reassured – the rain wouldn’t stop us today.


Video on Advance Care Planning (ACP)

If you’re wondering what ACP or Advance Care Planning might look like, there is lots of information on the web. But there’s nothing like a story to illustrate it better. Here is a video made in Singapore.

It’s a bit of a tear-jerker, so get your tissues ready if you’re the type.



I have only just realised the wonderful way my Mom is welcomed to the dementia daycare centre. I’m not referring to the long waiting time for a chance to attend sessions, but the way she is welcomed when she arrives.

We knock on the door, which is not locked, and Mom would start to open it. Almost at the same time, there would be a staff at the door. Not always the same one, but the greeting is the same.

First the staff gives Mom a great big smile and a warm Hello! She seems delighted to see Mom there. She greets Mom by the name Mom wants to be known by. Almost at the same time, she reaches out to Mom’s arm and gently leads her in.

Such a wonderful warm welcome. No wonder Mom is happy to go and looks forward to her sessions. I have only realised this welcome is neither arbitrary nor accidental. It is intentional and done the same warm way every time we show up. The attention is all on Mom, and I am only incidental to the scene. It speaks volumes on how the staff at the centre are selected and trained.

I am so grateful to the centre and the people who made it happen. Click on the picture to find out more about Alzheimer’s Disease Association (Singapore).